Company History

In business since 1965, Lyle began as a bottle trimmer manufacturer and rebuilder of thermoforming equipment, satisfying a small niche in the industry.

Recognizing the changing needs of the plastics market, Lyle took the initiative to design and manufacture new thermoforming equipment focusing on the premise of satisfying market needs, an initiative which we still follow today.

Under new ownership, Lyle Industries, Inc. became a recognizable force in the plastics industry throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Existing models were improved with new technology and new designs were introduced to the marketplace. With years of experience and foresight, Lyle set the standard for the industry.

Centrally located in the geographic “heart” of the thermoforming industry, Lyle’s employees have grown up with the industry. We have generations of employees with low turnover, and while we have employees who have been here since our inception, we continue to bring in bright young minds with new ideas. We have staff members with practical working experience managing and running processing plants, so our employees know what our customers do.

In 1999, Lyle Industries formed an international partnership with Gabler Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG, enabling us to supply our customers with a broader range of machinery to suit their application needs.

We have over 60,000 square feet dedicated to production. And, we have the dedication, knowledge and experience of our entire staff from initial design to machine start up. Our long history in the thermoforming industry has given us the stability and knowledge that makes us the leader in the industry.