Company Profile

Lyle Industries is a leading manufacturer of quality roll-fed thermoforming and bottle trimming equipment. More than 120 full-time employees design, build, and ship machines to customers worldwide. From conception to delivery and set-up, and under strict guidelines and detailed specifications, our highly trained and experienced sales force, engineering staff, manufacturing personnel, and service team work together to provide our customers with the equipment and expertise they need to keep their companies supplied with the highest quality and technologically advanced thermoforming solutions in the industry.

We are committed to providing equipment of unquestionable durability and quality. We offer a wide range of equipment sizes and types with an emphasis on large bed and very high capacity thermoforming equipment. Never rigid in our model designs, we offer every customer a customized approach to meeting their needs. We provide excellent support in the field from a highly trained service team.

We focus on four distinct company values in every aspect of our operations:

  • Performance – Our customers can expect that our products, service and people will meet or exceed their requirements. Performance without compromise is what we offer.
  • Dependability – Our customers can rely on Lyle Industries, our people, our service, and our products.
  • Integrity – Our customers, employees and colleagues can feel comfortable doing business with Lyle Industries.
  • Innovation – Our customers can look to Lyle Industries for significant advancements in the thermoforming industry. Together with our customers, we will design the machine to best suit your product development needs and deliver a competitive advantage.