Upgrade Kits

Choose from our wide selection of available upgrade kits:

1. Micro to Informer control system upgrade
2. DOS to Informer control system upgrade
3. Servo index upgrade
4. Quartz oven panel upgrade
5. Sheet edge pre-heaters
6. Replacement chain rails
7. Motorized wedge adjust
8. Motorized chain rail adjust
9. Roll lifting roll stand
10. Quick-form tool lock package
11. Water cooled sag bands
12. Water cooled hold-down bars for chain rails
13. Splined drive shaft
14. Free-standing scrap winder
15. Form tool handling system

P2 series trim presses
1. Servo nip feed
2. Servo versa feed
3. Servo ejector
4. Free-standing canopy stand
5. Power feed canopy
6. Vee-style platen guidance system
7. Quick-trim tool lock package
8. Quick-adjust sheet guides

PV series trim presses
1. Quick-trim tool lock package
2. Quick-adjust sheet guides
3. Trim tool handling system

Bottle trimmers
1. Pneumatic pick and place
2. Servo pick and place
3. Servo bucket index system

When your production needs change, consider an upgrade kit for your Lyle equipment to help improve throughput, efficiency, or economy.

Higher line speeds, quicker set-up, or more efficient scrap handling are all examples of the changing production requirements common for thermoforming operations. Changing requirements don’t have to signal new equipment – upgrading your existing Lyle machinery may be a faster and more economical alternative.

For more information on upgrade kits, contact us:
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2. By Fax – 989-435-7250
3. By e-mail

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