Technology Center

As a world leader in the thermoforming industry, Lyle has years of experience to offer, including insights into technology trends and developments. Our engineering and production groups are diligent, meticulous, and innovative, as reflected by our world-class thermoforming equipment and cutting-edge trim press machines. Check here for technical papers and current product literature of Lyle thermoforming machines, trim press equipment, and bottle trimmers.

Product Literature

  1. Lyle Informer² PLC Control System
  2. SS454 Thermoformer
  3. FM Series Thermoformer
  4. 200 Series Thermoformer
  5. FMT Series Thermoformer
  6. P2 Series Horizontal Trim Press
  7. PV Series Vertical Trim Press
  8. OB Series Bottle Trimmer
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